Kazi Reaz Rahman continues to chase his dream through Mastul Foundation

Almost every person in life passes through a spell of bad times. As we see, some people born under the shadow of poverty while some can’t afford to eat something to appease their hunger. Even many children around us often starve for the entire day – thereby running here and there in search of food.

Founded by Kazi Reaz Rahman, a dreamer and a change-maker back in 2013, Mastul Foundation is one of the leading social service organisations working round the clock to provide the street children with the light of education and proper food. The Foundation started its journey by way of serving only a handful of children; now, they provide food, education, and necessary stuff to the needy children.

When asked, Reaz said of his Foundation, “We provide necessary school kits like bags, shoes, socks, books, and notebooks to the needy kids. Not only that, we also take care of their health. As part of ensuring their proper growth, we also provide them with nutritious foods. We also look after their basic needs.”

He, however, said his struggle is on to provide those children with a better life since his student days. His primary purpose is to root out poverty from the society through the Foundation he set up eight years back. He works all day and night to help make the helpless and needy section of the society skilled and self-reliant. He believes that empowerment is the key to alleviate poverty. He is also of the belief that children are the future. For building a better generation, a healthy and educated child is essential.

His organization, Mastul Foundation is working relentlessly to make this happen. Reaz said, “To make a better generation and to ensure a better future, we provide food and education both, and we try to fulfill the basic needs of a street child, who always happened to be neglected.”

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