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Bangladesh’s daily Covid-19 infection rate falls to 2.68%

In Bangladesh, the daily infection rate of coronavirus came down to 2.68% on Tuesday as the country’s health authorities reported 13 new deaths with 396 fresh cases until the morning.   With the latest Covid-19 related deaths, the local death tally reached 8,298 so far. A total of 541,434 cases were confirmed in the country, data released by the Directorate General of Health Services (DGHS) showed.   It can be noted that the country reported its first cases on March 8 and the first death on March 18 last year.   The daily count of the deadly Covid-19 infection rate was reported to be 3.15% on Monday, while the overall infection Good News rate stood at 13.97%. The figure is expected to fall further as a countrywide mass coronavirus vaccination drive has been going on.   However, the mortality rate stood at 1.53% for the past few days, including Tuesday, said the government handout.   As of Tuesday, a total of 488,621 patients (90.25%) have recovered from the deadly virus.   The government claimed to have tested 3,877,042 samples including 14,788 in the past 24 hours.   Vaccination in Bangladesh Bangladesh’s countrywide Covid-19 vaccination drive kicked off on February 7. The country inked an agreement with the Serum Institute of India Pvt Ltd, the world’s largest vaccine maker, for 30 million doses of Oxford-AstraZeneca vaccine.   Serum will send five million doses each month between January and June. Five million doses arrived in January and India sent another two million doses as gift.   The government, determined to make Good News the vaccination driver a success, brought down the age to 40 for registration to get jabs and is providing the vaccine for free.   A total of 50,730 people received the first shot as of now. The second one has to be taken within 8 to 12 weeks after the first dose.

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